/ About my crew


2006: Julien a crazy motorcycle trials meets Fabien videographer artist: The current passes between two outsized characters. Julz drives like he lives, against the current; deserting the tracks pre-made competitions for free trial rides on Lyon asphalt. Fabien is seduced by the performance of the free electron and asked him to film his actions: A video is launched on the web, it creates a buzz and everything is accelerating.
2008: Julz was spotted by a famous brand of energy drinks and asked for shows around the world: The roof of the CNIT in Paris, Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, the Acropolis of Athens on the streets of Mexico City, Jerusalem or Belgrade ... nothing is too crazy for the athlete. Naturally, Fabien joins and shoots each performance: Delirium Ride The World is born.


2009: The team produced a first road movie. Interested in the project, Philippe Reichsrath, gifted photographer and graphic designer of the underground scene of Lyon joined the two backpackers.
He proposes to identify the brand inspired by a simple logo of culture Graff. The team organizes an evening event in Lyon for the launch of the film and on that occasion a hundred t-shirts are selling unexpectedly. The project Ride The World keeps its promises, has diversified members: extreme sports athletes, artists, fans like the concept.


2010: No codes, no modes, no trends: the movement Ride The World claims its independence and becomes a community network to which everyone can participate. Genuine artistic platform, Ride the World does not impose any limitation: Video production, showcase events, clothing street wear...
Definitely simple, his message is meant to be universal: Become a free and create your own world...

Ride The World a déjà travaillé pour :

Formula 1 Grand Prix (Singapore, Malaysia), Wrangler (Granada, Spain), Ethnics event (Tunis, Tunisia), Franco Dragone (Belgium), Bread & Butter (Barcelona, Spain), Faqura Club (Beirut , Lebanon), Hevy Metal Festival (Kent, UK) Green light (Jcup Magny Cours, France) RedBull Air Race (Abu Dhabi, UAE), RedBull International (video production: Holland, Greece, Tunisia, Mexico, Belgium, Hungary, Romania Serbia, Israel, Bosnia, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, France and USA.